Space Toads Mayhem is an arcade-style, topdown shooter paying homage to classics from the 1980s - some say it tastes like arcade-flavoured ice cream with laser blast sprinkles :)

It's a challenging, reflex-based game, rewarding a player who enjoys fast-paced action and can utilise enemy behaviour to his / her advantage.

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The original Space Toads was a web game, created specifically for WebKit browsers in 2013.

It took full advantage of then still-fresh HTML5 Canvas element (and it's Canvas2d rendering capabilities). Due to unorthodox use of Adobe's Typekit font service and overall good technical execution, the game gained its creator Luke some acclaim within the webdev community. All in all it was a fun, challenging retroinspired shooter - to quote Sally Kerrigan from the Adobe Typekit's team "We don’t quite follow the backstory but we’re having too much fun to care." :)

Space Toads Mayhem takes the original concept further, introducing new gameplay features and aiming for even more enjoyable, deeper experience.


Space Toads Mayhem is inspired by a number of 8bit shmups we grew to love as kids.

The idea is to capture the very essence of classic titles such as Galaga or Space Invaders and infuse it with original ideas to create a new, unique, fun game.

It's all about high doses of succulent, retro-flavoured fun :)

Further Gameplay Details

The core gameplay consists of clearing incoming enemy waves in order to progress. There are powerup drops every set number of points which help the player on his quest to save the galaxy, as well as some potentially deadly nerfs that need to be avoided. Enemy volume increases and their behaviour becomes trickier to deal with as the player progresses, and there are also special types of enemies with a potential to cause loads of problems (mini bosses and bosses).

Various stats are being measured during gameplay - from score to player's accuracy, which will allow for a number of performance and gameplay-based achievements.

The game will offer a Campaign including some silly storyline elements and varied levels to beat. There will also be different arcade challenges to complete (some designed for the seasoned coin-op veterans. Removed powerups and maxed out difficulty might be on the menu;)


Space Toads Mayhem Steam Trailer (YouTube)


Space Toads Mayhem at Insomnia 59 - December 2016 (YouTube)


JonboyGames tries Space Toads Mayhem


Peter Ward from Retro Gamesmaster interviews developer Lukasz Snopkiewicz at GEEK2017


Short Dev interview with Diern Tenory (YouTube)



download all screenshots & photos as a .zip (80.9MB)

Screen1 Screen2 Screen3 Screen4 Screen5 Screen1 Space Toads Mayhem gameplay Space Spikes powerup in action Red abominations trapped in bullet-deflecting forcefields Space Admiral James Colonell Space Toads Mayhem gameplay screenshot 1 Space Toads Mayhem gameplay screenshot 2 Sparks of the Thunder Gods power-up screenshot Enemy wave cleared screenshot 1 Enemy wave cleared screenshot 2 Space Toads Mayhem Insomnia 60 promo banner Space Toads Mayhem PLAYExpo Leeds promo banner Lukasz Snopkiewicz Showmasters Q&A Panel at GEEK2017 GEEK 2017 at Dreamland Margate Kent UK Space Toads Mayhem poster Space Toads Mayhem Insomnia 59 promo (NEC Birmingham, UK) The mighty ALAN 9000 controller which is being used to play Space Toads Mayhem at gaming shows

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LimeVibe Games is a one-man gamedev studio formed by a Solihull-based (UK) developer & artist Lukasz Snopkiewicz.

Always accompanied by his epic cat Crixus, he aims to deliver high quality retro-inspired entertainment for the discerning indie games connoisseur.

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